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Ahem... moving on, you know what an aura is, right? Well, my characters use theirs to perform amazing magic, but they call their auras “sin’dels.” They can pull it real tight to their bodies and create armor from it, or they can shoot them out like a lightsaber to produce weapons and so much more. Their sin’del’s are a prominent part of the story, as it shows the colorful emotions the characters might experience. Readers seem to really love this feature.

My flagship series, Chaos of Souls, refers to the fractured state of beings called Lethen'al. Stripped of their wings, their original ethereal souls were shattered, remixed and reassembled into new physical forms upon entering Quain (my version of earth). Hence the title of the series, Chaos of Souls. Everyone is put together with the wrong puzzle piece. This is their ordeal. Never to be complete, never to be whole, but to always possess an elusive glimpse of what they once were. In this shuffle, they've forgotten why they left Heaven. But there is hope, as a prophecy speaks of one born whole who will set them on their path home. As they await this momentous birth, enemies, large and small, emerge and threaten their way of life.

The prequel to the Chaos Series is Requiem's Reach. The Lethen’al have fashioned themselves a city, but now it is under siege. The enemy has breached their shields and they have nowhere to hide. In their attempt to flee, they forge the Gates of Golorath and slip between the worlds. It's violent, dark, and filled with intense action and adventure. Like all births, it's bloody and leaves scars. According to fans, the birth of the Gates scene will leave you with chills. These characters are not a one and done, you will see many of them throughout the rest of the series. I suggest reading this one first, as it will really enrich the story as you read through to book one and on.

Book one is The Gates of Golorath, and this bicep building, almost 600 page epic book will evoke an array of emotions. You'll hopefully love the story so much that you'll continue on to book two, Wynds of Prophecy, and then cuddle up with your pets to shun all of humanity for book three, Angels of Perdition. The fourth book, Gathering of the Blades is estimated to drop in 2022.

If I had to give you a comparison to another author that my writing style imitates, Brandon Sanderson is the first that comes to mind. The readability, world building, and point of view focus are the biggest similarities. ​

This series was written with you, the fantasy reader, in mind. The books will show you the story through the character's perspective. I made it a point not to drown you in endless narrative. Your experience in this world will be completely immersive. Speaking of immersive, there is a ton of clickable content throughout this site, especially in the BONUS MATERIAL. Enjoy your Easter egg hunt! 

So go ahead, swaddle yourself in this blanket of epic fantasy goodness and give my Chaos of Souls universe a peek. But if you’re still unsure… Dip your toes into new world waters with my fun and insightful, READER'S GUIDE. It offers you insider knowledge, fun tidbits, and a brief breakdown of each book.


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Enjoy your stay.

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